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This was a job we have completed in Bakewell for Taylor & Emmet LLP Solicitors, it was an office space that hadn’t been decorated in a very long time. Because of this the paintwork was old and flaking away, we therefore had a lot of preparation work ahead of us before we could begin painting the room.


we had to sheet up the work area and firstly scrape away all the lose flaking paint, we then used our dustless sander and extractor to sand all the surfaces down. Having sanded the surface we then filled all indentations with wood filler and caulked up around the edges, once dried we rubbed the filler down. Once preparation was complete we applied 1 under coat and 2 coats of gloss to finish.


This office has a new lease of life and now makes a pristine, enjoyable working environment for all employees of Taylor & Emmet LLP Solicitors.

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